Microsoft 365

Key Objectives

Strategize the purchaser journey and brand experience for Microsoft 365 consumers at Walmart.

Execute and launch a brand page that informs and engages purchasers of key products and benefits.

Collaborate with Microsoft and their teams' stakeholder in order to design and refine an on brand Microsoft 365 experience.

We helped define three key products as solutions for online purchasers at Walmart.

We leveraged assets and  messaging from different Microsoft sources, including our copywriter, in order to communicate to consumers clearly about the benefits of each product.

We made an easy to engage comparison chart of all three key product solutions.

In effort to engage the Walmart shopper in aspects they truly care about, we highlighted storage and safety benefits. d

By addressing the specific needs of the Walmart & M365 shopper, we added technical additional benefits to the story. The overall goal to unpack the full benefits of M365 was reinforced.