Wear Tester Program
NRC (Nike Run Club) Wear Tester Program is an initiative between two teams under the Global category at Nike HQ. I was the design lead representing Global Brand Design Running in collab with the Marcoms team.

By collecting data on loyalist purchasers, a new brand and outlet for innovation was birthed at Nike. Allowing athletes to provide feedback on beta tested product sparked collaboration between nike and customers.

WT Key Objectives


Establish targeted customer in lieu of
goals for customer journey


Create brand identity informed by targeted customer culture.


Execute all necessary brand and creative elements
that establish the new brand as well as pitch ideas for
next project phases.

Messaging + Inspiration

Preliminary logo explorations

Creative Elements & Final Identity

Customer journey
1. Pop up invite/share for chosen customers.

2. Product arrival and printed card instructions.

3. Custom Ecommerce experience with exclusive content     & playlists based on user data.

4. In depth info for product beta testing collaboration.

5. Potential program recognition through athlete profiles, not campaigns or advertising.

Team Credits
Creative Director: Remco Vloon

Art Direction, Design: Dan Sinclair

Collaborative Team: Global Marcoms Team.

Producer: Ricky Egger