Nike Breaking 2

No one at Nike knew if the quest to break the two hour marathon would yield satisfactory results. It was a moon shot.
Key Objectives


Design into the strategized look and feel:
Racing culture, Fastness, Athlete personas


Adopt current B2 brand. Develop it, add to it, shape it further.


Create all event graphics and design all mechanicals.
As a Brand Designer I worked with one other designer on the Breaking 2 project. There were also many other talented people working on this event including in house Nike employees, design vendors, photographers and more.
We worked with vendors in PDX & Monza, Italy
to produce Athlete kits & staff apparel
In collaboration with I love dust's athlete icons, I implemented typographic name marks for final lockups.

Along with another designer we designed the final apparel kits for athletes.
From concept to execution, I worked with designers in providing art direction for CGI artists and vendors.

Assets were utilized in final mechanicals for all event artwork
We designed posters individually to create a cohesive system. Part of selling through ideas at Nike is to realize them in a CGI or hypothetical atmosphere.

This is the athlete wall using dimensions from the real space at Monza, Italy.
I executed the design and production of the crowd barriers and finish tape that Eliud Kipchoge broke through.